mySQL reference - items in {} are optional

SHOW DATABASES      -show all databases you have access to      CREATE DATABASE [database_name]      -create a new database      USE [database_name]      -select a database to use      CREATE TABLE [table_name] ([column_name] [column_type], [column_name2] [column_type2])      -create a new table      SHOW TABLES      -show all tables in a database

DESCRIBE [table_name]      -list the properties of a table (including fields & types)      LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE “[filename].txt” INTO TABLE [table_name]      -load data from a text file into the table           -the columns in the text file and the table need to be the same order

INSERT INTO [table_name] VALUES (‘[column1_value]’,’[column1_value2]’,’[column1_value3]’)      -insert values into a table      SELECT [what_to_select] {AS [alias name]} FROM [table_name] {[table_alias]} {WHERE [conditions_to_meet]} {ORDER BY [column_name] [DESC]}      -select a set of records           -DESC == descending order

DELETE FROM [table_name]      -delete all records in a table

UPDATE [table_name] SET [column_name] = [value_to_set_to] WHERE [conditions_to_meet]      -update a table