• Working Directory: Documents/Courses/Pluralsight-GettingStartedWithAnsible
  • Sample Code: https://github.com/g0t4/course-ansible-getting-started

  • Install homebrew
  • Install bat
  • Install tree
    • tree -C alias


Commands run:

ansible -m copy -a "src=master.gitconfig dest=~/.gitconfig" localhost
ansible -m copy -a "src=master.gitconfig dest=~/.gitconfig" --check --diff localhost
ansible -m shell -a "hostname" -vvvv  localhost

Managing Mac with Ansible

  • install homebrew
  • download linux setup from gitlab
ansible -m copy -a "src=master.gitconfig dest=~/.gitconfig" --check --diff localhost
  • Manage these types of file with git repo
ansible -m homebrew -a "name=bat state=latest" localhost
  • install bat command from homebrew
ansible -m homebrew -a "name=jq state=latest" localhost


Intro to Playbooks

ansible-playbook playbook.yaml

spin up a quick docker container

docker run --rm -it python bash

connect to multiple machines using ansible

ansible-console containers
  • containers is defined in the inventory file as 3 docker containers