Moment 58mm Telephoto Lens

Moment 58mm Lens

The moment lens is a high quality add on lens for your iPhone. On the iPhone 11 Pro Max with it’s 2x optical zoom this lens adds an additional 2x zoom, bringing optical zoom to a total of 4x optical. Sample pictures to show the zoom level are below.

You can find the lens on the Moment Website, it does require one of their cases or lens mounts as well.

iPhone 11 Pro Max 0.5x wide angle


iPhone 11 Pro Max 1.0x wide angle


iPhone 11 Pro Max 2.0x wide angle


iPhone 11 Pro Max 2.0x wide angle with 58mm (2x) Moment Telephoto lens


Comparison of the zoom angle in a single image


Hike - Willow Spring Trail

The Basics

This hike was in a new area that I had not explored before. The trailhead is just north and across the street from the Weavers Needle Vista Viewpoint on AZ-88, starting @ the Bulldog OHV parking lot on AZ-88 & FR-12.

There are lots of trails in the area to choose from, we had planned a route of about 8 miles, but ended up cutting it very short due to time, as we spent a lot of time playing with the drone.

Willow Spring




While hiking we stopped @ a few spots to do some shots with my new Mavic Mini. I didn’t like any of the shots that I did, so I’m sharing the ones that Jeremy shot.

Jeremys 1st Pan

Jeremys 2nd Pan

Driving Mogollon Rim Road

The Basics

Today was our first drive along the Mogollon Rim, it was a very beautiful drive, that took a total of about 10 hours round trip.

The rim road (FR 300) was a beautiful route & a nice road, you could do the whole route in pretty much any car if you had the road to yourself. But in places the road is narrow & you may have to move a tire off the edge to let others pass, so I’d recommend having some ground clearance so you don’t scrape.

Our route is shown below starting from 87 & 260 in Payson, AZ, and ending at the same point.

The Hike

Before the drive we stopped @ Water Wheel Falls, for a short hike, we weren’t really prepared for any type of hike, so we turned around at the water crossing, but the part we did (about 2/3 mile total) was good, with nice scenery.

The Rim Road

The Rim Road was a beautiful drive. We only made a few stops this trip, since we knew we wanted to finish the whole thing & we had to get back home to the dog. There was one quick stop for lunch & a short off shoot to get to Myrtle Point. This road was more challenging. The last section has some large rocks, and some tight squeezes between trees. The Tacoma came out unharmed, but I was definitely concerned about getting some AZ pin striping.

Click into the Gaia GPS map above for details of our route & way points, or follow below for the info about the Rim Road from All Trails.

Converting Paprika 3 Recipes to Markdown

I’ve been working on converting all of my text based data to markdown to make it more portable.

I’ve found a great iOS app to use for my recipes, using Grocery App, which I covered yesterday.

Now the problem is that I need to get all my recipes out of Paprika 3 and into markdown. This post will cover that process as it unfolds, and provide the code needed if you come across the same problem.

The general plan

At this point I’ve only done a quick review of what options Paprika provides for an export:

  • HTML
  • Paprika Format

The HTML code generated wasn’t bad & I considered using pandoc, but I need to do a little additional formatting to get the data into the format Grocery App wants. And I like the format Grocery is using so I’m going all in with that.

So option two was Paprika Format, it turns out it isn’t too bad & should be easy to script.

What I know so far:

  • In Paprika 3 choose File -> Export…
  • Provide a name & location
  • Categories: All Recipes
  • Format: Paprika Recipe Format
  • Click Export

  • This will provide a single file My Recipes.paprikarecipes (plural)
  • CD to where this file was extracted
  • running the linux/macOS command file My\ Recipes.paprikarecipes on this tells us it is a Zip archive.
  • So we just need to run a simple unzip My\ Recipes.paprikarecipes to extract the file.
  • remove this file so it doesn’t cause future problems rm 'My Recipes.paprikarecipes'
  • We now have a whole bunch of *.paprikarecipe (singular) files, these are oddly gzip files
  • run gunzip to extract these gunzip *.paprikarecipe
  • make sure rename is installed: brew install rename
  • rename files to .gz from .paprikarecipe rename s/\.paprikarecipe/\.gz/g *.paprikarecipe
  • extract all the recipes gunzip *.gz
  • the files are now json format so rename them with the right extension rename s/$/\.json/g *
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Grocery - Smart Shopping List

Several years ago after migrating my data from service, to srevice, to service I decided I’d had enough of proprietary formats & was going to move all of my data to non proprietary format. For most all my stuff that has worked out to be markdown.

I had not yet found a good way to store recipes in a nice structure . I’d searched a few times over the years & hadn’t found what I wanted, then yesterday I happened across a github repo with some markdown recipe examples from the team that created Grocery App for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS.

The Format

Their format is dead simple, and super flexible, and best of all lets me put my recipes in the flow that I like of “do this steps with these things”.

You can see on their Github page for Grocery Recipe Format some example recipes, and the basic structure of a recipe:

# Title
## Header
- Ingredient
> Note

This simple format makes it very simple to throw a recipe together like the below. It’s markdown so it’s easy to read without any special tools, and the thing that I really like is that it is portable so I’m not locked into a specific recipe database format.

When I started this adventure I was not looking for a new shopping list app, nor was I looking for a new recipe storage app. But it happens that this little app does both of these things very well, and since it reads markdown, and easily syncs my data from iCloud I can easily workout a workflow to keep the recipes in the app updated with my blog store.

The Shopping List

I’ll admit I have not actually used this app yet for shopping, but from the little bit of playing around I’ve done it looks like a really nice app for that.

The Recipe View

This is why I really liked this app, the recipe view is very simple and adds a lot of features from such a simple markdown format.

First it of course provides nice little check boxes so you can mark off each step and ingredient as you do it, but it also has a nice little marker you can use to note a timer. So just tapping the highlighted time, will start a timer, and then track multiple timers across multiple recipes.

There was only one small problem

The app doesn’t currently support YAML front matter. Front matter is the stuff that goes at the top of a lot of file types used for a lot of things, that defines some additional meta data about your content. In my case it is use by Jekyll that runs my blog/wiki/recipe box. The front matter in the code below is the part between the lines of --- of my YAML/Markdown files or +++ for TOML files. I’ve sent the Grocery team a feature request to see if they can ignore this section of the file, so hopefully that will come in a future update.

Example Recipe

An example of the issue is below. For the below recipe if the front matter is included the Grocery recipe view looks like:

Removing the front matter & everything looks perfect:

title: Brian's Chocolate Chip Cookies
author: Brian Kohles
tags: cookie recipe chocolate chip
categories: recipe
layout: recipe

# Brian's Chocolate Chip Cookies

> The latest version of my continually changing chocolate chip cookies

## Wet Ingredients

Cream together:
- Butter | 1/2 Cup | Softened
- Shortening | 1/2 Cup | Butter Flavored
- Dark Brown Sugar | 220 G | 
- Sugar | 200 G | 

Add in the other wet ingredients:
- Eggs | 2 |
- Vanilla Extract | 1 1/2 t |

## Dry Ingredients

Add in all the dry ingredients & slowly mix together:
- Flour | 333 G | 
- Baking Soda | 1 tsp |
- Baking Powder | 1 tsp |

## Add mix ins

Mix in Chocolate Chips and anything else you like:
- Dark Chocolate Bar | 2 C | Cut into chunks

## Bake

Preheat over to 350º F (325º F fan assist) for 11 minutes [Baking Cookies].

> Cooking time may be 10-16 minutes depending on cookie size

## Other optional mix ins

> Some other Mix ins to try

- Heath Toffee Bits | 1 C | with or without chocolate
- Instant Espresso Powder | 1 T |
- Cinnamon | 1 T |
- Cayenne Pepper | 1/8 t |
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