I’ve had a few people at the trailhead comment on the trailer lights I put on my hitch mounted rack so I thought I’d do up a quick post about the parts/process.

While writing this post I had the idea that using an LED light strip (like the kind they put below the tailgate on a truck), might be a cheaper and easier solution. Which it turns out it is. I can’t vouch for this type of install, but I have used similar lights on my motorcycle with no issues. So maybe save some time and money & have a look @ these:

60 Inch Tailgate LED Light Bar


Wiring Diagram

The first step is to wire the lights up temporarily to make sure all the connections are correct.

There is a good wiring info table on eTrailer: eTrailer Wiring FAQ this is where I found the info for the below.

There are 5 wires coming off the wiring harness:

  • White - ground to rack
  • Brown/Green - Tail/marker
  • Brown - Tail/marker
  • Yellow - Left Turn
  • Green - Right Turn

Each light has 3 Wires:

  • White - ground to rack
  • Green - Turn
  • Black - Tail/marker

The wiring is easy just follow the below diagram, and connect the wires as:

  • All the whites together & bolt these directly to the bike rack for a ground.
  • Connect the Brown/Green to the black wire on one of the lights.
  • Connect the brown to the black wire on the other light.
  • Connect the green wire to the green wire on the RIGHT light.
  • Connect the yellow wire to the green wire on the LEFT light.
Trailer wiring diagram