I was playing with the AppleTV (4th gen) the other day and accidentally triggered one of the developer tools, so I poked around a bit more & came up with the following combos.

The below are all done from the home screen

Play/Pause – hold for a few seconds

  • This will allow you to change audio output, this is helpful for switching to a previously paired set of bluetooth headphones. Found this one via johsherrod.net

Play/Pause + Volume Down

  • Hold for 3 seconds & release – This will save a “stackshot”, this is ued by developers for troubleshooting apps.
  • Hold for 6 seconds & release – Will create analytics & allow them to be shared (via air drop)

Play/Pause + Volume Up

  • Hold for 10 seconds & release – This will presumably take a screenshot. You can hear the screenshot sound, but I have not figured out where the screenshots end up.
  • Start remote pairing mode
  • Autoscan for new output settings

Home + volume up

  • Hold for about 10 seconds & then release – send diagnostic logs to Apple

Play + Menu

  • Hold for about 10 seconds – force a reboot